There are many cake options and designs out there and the procedure can be very complex sometimes. Bellow are some common questions it might help you with your enquiry.

To ensure your order the sooner the better!!
For wedding cakes 4 to 6 months is standard. We take on a limited number of cakes per week, and during the busy season we can get fully booked very quickly.(March /October/November)
However for a special occasion cakes ordering 1 month in advance would be acceptable depending on the complexity of your order.

We recommend that you make an initial enquiry through our enquiry form on our website providing as much information as you can about your event so we can give you an estimated quote & availability.

Our cakes are customized according to your event aiming for a remarkable result. The final quote is based on the size of the cake and the complexity of the final design. Some more elaborate finishes result in a more expensive quote.
It’s our job to guide our clients with this experience so don’t panic, we are here to help!

Once your cake design and price is finalised an initial 50% payment is required for booking and the remaining 50% must be paid no later than 14 days before the event day. We will only be able to save your date once booking fee is made.

An initial invoice will be sent to you for booking with our bank details for payment. A second invoice will be sent to you 2 weeks before your event date. You can pay the invoice in full if you wish.

Definitely. Wedding decisions can be overwhelming sometimes. However changes will be accepted only through considerable possibilities relying on the date of delivery. If extra costs apply we will add the amount to your second invoice.

Yes, for wedding cakes only!!! Our cake tasting is not included in the final cake price. We have 2 options:

1) A exclusive in-house wedding cake consultation on set dates.
It includes four flavours of your choice from our menu & you can bring someone along with you. You’ll have the chance to discuss any final details of your wedding cake with Gigi. $ 80 per couple

2) Degustation box with 6 flavours of your choice from our menu. Delivery on a set date. You can discuss with Gigi any further detail about your event over the phone or by email. Jump onto our on-line store and order your treat.
$ 40 box including delivery to Northern beaches and Sydney CBD ONLY

As much as we would love to meet all our clients we have to work according to our tasting calendar (for weddings only). You are more than welcome to organise a phone call with Gigi to discuss any details you might have before booking you cake.

Yes. A delivery fee applies depending on the distance from our studio.
Please advise us with the location when placing your order and a final delivery price will be calculated.

Yes however our cake is a delicate and perishable product. Any cake bigger than a small 2 tiers we suggest using our delivery service.
To ensure that your cake is not compromised during transportation we strongly recommend that you follow our pick up instructions that will be sent to you once your order is finalised.
In acceptance of the product, ByGigi will hold no responsibility for any damage that may arise thereafter.

Depending on which decoration we are using. Fresh flowers or fruits won’t last overnight. If this is the case we can guide you on which decoration will be the best to use.

Yes, we can deliver anywhere. Delivery outside of Sydney CBD will be charged per hour (including return) plus the time of assembling the cake at the final destination.

Both. We can arrange the flowers for the cake with our florist according to your colour palette and event style or your florist can provide the flowers for the cake.
We request that the florist brings the blooms individually treated to the venue on the day of your event and only Gigi will apply them on cake.

As many flavours as you have tiers.

We have a selection of cakes on our menu. We are more than happy to mix these flavours to complement your favourite taste. However if you would like something else we can always try to accommodate our clients.

Yes. We have a few options for gluten free dietary on our menu and we can also customise any further allergy requirements. Due to the ingredients an extra cost might apply to the final quote.

Cake topper is an extra item that you can buy and send to our studio so we can apply on the cake. Saying that we can help you choose the design and size if need it.

Yes you can. When we apply a fake tier it does not necessarily mean that the cake would be much cheaper because we still need to charge for the decoration work which is usually where the cost is. What is important is to analyze the impact that you want to create with your wedding cake proportionally to the size of your event/venue.